Was born in London and currently lives in Brussels. He is a PhD in Economics and a master in Social Policy, and a prized researcher in poverty economics. 
He has received several prizes and special awards (at national and municipal level) in Portugal in the field of painting, drawing and cartoon. He participated in several individual and collective exhibitions in Portugal with artworks in painting, drawing, sculpture, installation and design. He held an individual exhibition of painting in Paris, named “Treize Toiles Récentes”, and in a collective exhibition also in Paris dedicated to refugees. 
He presented “100 years of cubism”, a demonstration/conference carried out in Ljubljana (Slovenia) and has been a regular invited participant at the Porto Santo Biennale in the fields of installation, fashion design and livres d’artiste. He published an article on “Cubism: the Politics Within” in the spring 2010 issue of Connecticut Review (a USA review on arts). 
Author of “The Shibuya Project”, a fashion happening that took place in Tokyo, Japan, in September 2010. He has collaborated with several artists from Portugal, Finland, Japan, Hungary, Serbia… and now also Spain, through project Esférica.